Football Betting – Having the Right Mindset

punters all over the world have this strong desire to win every football bet they make, this is what called the addiction. Betting being one of the easiest ways to make money these days, is very popular, 9 out of 10 of my friends bet online, some of them do it for little fame, but some really love to watch the game.

The most common type of bet is a straight bet, you pick a team to win, and you place how much money you want to win on that team. If your team wins you win, if they lose you lose. This is the most common bet that you will make.

How can I tell if a team is going to win or lose?

  • This is pretty easy. If you see a team that is much more popular or has more media attention, such as more television commercials, more radio spins, more newspaper columns written, than the other team, odds are, that team is going to win.
  • However, a lot of times, the odds are not always in favor of the most popular team, what planners refer to as the “master fans”. The master fans are the ones that make the betting decisions for the majority of people, because they have a much larger fan base, and they have information before the rest of the world that the rest of the public does not have access to. However, the odds are not always in favor of the most popular team, they are subject to the larger public following one another.
  • When you look at the odds, they are not always 100%, that is why they are called “odds”. Odds are not guarantees of an outcome, they are just ways to calculate the chances. There is no guarantee that a specific team will win, or be undefeated. When there are two teams that are close to one another in value, there will be some games that are more likely to go one way than another, this is where you learn sports betting “systems” related to specific teams.

Can you learn systems for individual teams?

You sure can learn how to make systems for individual teams. Every year there are generally two or three teams that are not expected to perform as well as they intended, these teams are known as “craps” teams. You can learn how to make a system for a specific team by going through the stats, and establishing a point spread on the expected outcome of a match. You could also learn how to make a system for a quarter back or middle linebacker in football, and make the odds a bit closer in your favor if you have the inside information.

How much can I make betting on sports?

The most basic idea when it comes to betting on football or basketball is that you can bet with a point spread or money line, but you can also bet with a quarter spread or ten point line. However, when it comes to a quarter spread or ten point spread, the pay out is significantly smaller than the money line or over/under. So,adesimal spread is the same no matter what the point spread value.

However, a ten point line, the payout is substantially higher than a quarter spread but the chances of winning are much smaller than with the quarter spread.

What is the right bet size for a bettor?

  • The answer to that question is 52.4% which is the case when you bet a quarter spread or a ten point spread. The smaller the bet you place, the smaller your return on a winning bet, it is the same rule as a parlay. However, parlays don’t win often enough, so you are better off with a straight bet, which gives you a better chance of winning big money.
  • When you bet on a football or basketball game, it’s a lot easier in that case, because as the odds makers are currently leaning with the majority of the money being bet on the favorites.
  • One of the reasons for this is because the public is betting heavier on favorites and there are more bookmakers banking on the substantial punter’s odds, which are likely to pay out greater payouts on the favorites.

What should a better question be?

forex punter questions: why is it possible to answer ‘Why do bookies make so much money when it comes to football and basketball betting, when the odds are against you?

The answer to that question is quite simple. The odds makers are in competition with each other all the time;