How to Pick Lottery Numbers – Is There a Strategy?

The point is to make the lottery easier to win. Make the scoring easier. Add a second or third number to the wheel. Buy more tickets. Use a system of numbers. Don’t partner with a syndicate. That’s a no-no.rals or 44 or 55 or 66 could never be winners because the probability is AGAINST it.

So, what are the strategies that will make it easier to win?

Here’s a good one: Don’t pick numbers that have recently won. Pick instead, those numbers that have been wheeled out a lot. That’s the second point of this article, and the first one I want to make tonight.

The wheeling out strategy is a simple one. If you look at the winning combinations for the past several draws, you will notice that (based on the data from the last 30 or so draws) that certain numbers received more play than others. And, the ones in the middle are the ones that ration out. So, by wheeling out numbers you increase your odds of winning.

Another good strategy is to use the Little Lotto strategy. With the Little Lotto strategy, you select a pool of numbers and then “wheel” them. What this means is that you select the numbers that appear most often in the winning combinations and then you do the same thing with the least frequent numbers. So, for example, numbers 1 to 24 would be in the pool of numbers you would wheel, and then you would do the same with numbers 5 to 9.

The Little Lotto strategy is a good way to increase your odds of winning money. But, you have to stick to it. If you ever win a Little Lotto prize, you have to quit playing the same numbers again and move on to another distributors location. The wheeling system described in the article may be helpful in winning later but not the present Little Lotto. The wheeling system is only good for future draws. Today’s Little Lotto is in the past. Reverses are real Little Lotto. You’ve probably heard of the wheeling system. It was devised by a man named Mr. Edward Thorp who published a book called Beat the Lotto.

The book tour and the strategy it encompasses are the inspiration for the authors of the Little Lotto strategy to reveal how to win the lotto.

The book was supposed to be a straightforward to read instruction book on how to pick numbers to wheel. The problem is, Thorp made the book in the late 1960s, as a product of his multi-conference gamblingExpensive Suited Whales conference. The event brought together gamblers, card counters,akers, and other players to play a game called 21.

Thorp’s book became a best-seller, but some people claimed that the system was worthless. As a result, Thorp included a section at the end of the book that stated: “Many persons have tried to beat the odds by playing combinations of numbers which have no chance of winning. You will not find in this book a discussion of various methods of playing numbers that are unlikely to win.”

Some of the Person’s Book Trustees claimed that the system could never work. In fact, Isle of Capri Traveler, one of the leading persons of the casino/gambling establishments wrote to Thorp and assured him that his system had been mathematically verified.

Thorp chose to ignore these computations and went on selling thousands of copies of the Little Lotto using the Little’s own calculations as the base.

  • Despite vast differences in the position of the two teams, dexterous and honest methodical players would hardly give the Little Lotto away. Most probably they believe that lotteries are honestly won and that nobody could tell exactly how to pick winning numbers. As a result, the system has not achieved the popularity that Thorpe’s original book predicted.
  • Nevertheless, many players have discovered that their particular copy of the Little Lotto had numbers that it predicted had high possibility in winning the next lottery draw. Number combinations which were chosen by the system were not 100% sure winners, but it did increase the winning probability of those who chose the same numbers as those that had won the lotto five previous times.
  • The success of such method of picking lottery numbers was astounding.